7Portal of the church of st. Adalbert

The portal of the Church of St. Adalbert is decorated with not only statues and initials of abbot Otmar Daniel Zinke \"OAB\" (Othmarus Abbas Braunensis - Brzevnovensis), but also with the coat of arms of the Břevnov - Broumov Abbey and the year 1709, which gives evidence of the portal and balustrade reconstruction.

Sculptures by sculptor Karel Josef Hiernle represent the other saints - from left to right St. Gregory I, Pope and a big fan of the Benedictine work, St. Wenceslaus I, patron of the Czech Lands and Broumov Abbey, St. Benedict of Nursia, the founder of the Benedictine monastic order. Furthermore, there are St. Scholastica, the twin sister of St. Benedict and founder of the female branch of the order, St. Adalbert, the patron saint of Bohemia and patron of this church and Pope John XV holding the Founding Chart of the Břevnov monastery.

The coat of arms of the abbey combines two elements - the first one is a pole, i. e.  a tree without branches, which refers to the meeting of St. Adalbert with Duke Boleslaus II on a hunt. The second part of the coat of arms is dedicated to three roses, which are symbolically identified with Slavník dynasty in which St. Adalbert was born.